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The setting for this story is a real place. It is also a place where some of my most vivid memories are stored. This is fiction. This is a short novel written with the intent of captivating and engaging language learners. It is a story of inquietudes, of self-search and of difficult life choices that we all face.

It is written for anyone to read. Piloting of the book has shown that Heritage Spanish speakers find this an intriguing dash-through story that provokes interesting and sometimes deep discussion. Language learners with some background in Spanish have especially enjoyed this book, as it is written with the intent to contain the vocabulary to an intermediate reader’s level. Students at a more novice level find themselves engaged in the book, enticed to read for meaning.

My hope is that everyone who reads this story becomes captivated and engaged in the book. This project has been my passion and now my dream is to share it with others. The thoughts, concepts and ideas presented are fiction, for the purpose of writing one good story. Please enjoy the read.

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Soy Lorenzo

Teachers may find that this book holds a multifaceted curriculum providing the context to explore Social Studies topics from geography of Central America to the area’s complex geopolitics of the ‘80s. Science and math connections can be made to the tide and moon calendar and the physics of hurricanes. Current social and environmental issues in Moskitia will reveal countless heartbreaking topics from lobster to lumber exploitation and a look at human rights. This novel offers a platform to pique interest in a multitude of culturally rich topics to examine. In any design teachers will find a wealth of lesson possibilities and support materials in the teacher resources book.